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We are a community of strong individuals who volunteer at game development conferences around the world. Volunteers are motivated, driven, talented and awesome - and they are the future of the industry!

The future of the industry

You may know volunteers as the people in the colored shirts, helping to run industry events and ensuring that every attendee has the best experience possible. But you may not know that the volunteer community is a group of especially driven, talented and awesome people, eager to make our industry a better place!

While many choose to volunteer because they want to break into the industry, others keep on volunteering even after they have grown to be employees, speakers and industry leaders. The volunteer community is dedicated to enabling exceptional conference experiences for every attendee and to making our industry an inclusive, helpful, open and diverse place. Our mission is to foster and advance our Culture of Inclusion and High Performance, because inclusion is a catalyst for engagement and innovation. We strive to cultivate environments that invite team members to bring their whole selves to work.

Leaders of the future

Volunteer veterans have gone on the be speakers at leading industry events, devcom and other industry events. Some even decide to be speakers and volunteers at the same event! We foster and support the speakers of tomorrow and elevate their voices. Our veteran network includes people in lead positions at key industry companies and associations.  learn more

Members of the industry

Many volunteers are students hoping to break into the industry, but some are employees at companies like Blizzard, Guerilla or IGDA who decide to join as volunteers, even if their company would pay for the conference ticket. We connect new members of the industry with strong mentors and help strengthen their standing as individuals.  learn more

Driven, awesome people

Volunteers have the dedication and drive to join industry events with a special mission: making the event the best it can be, for everyone. Their motivation and talent has earned them special recognition by recruiters and industry leaders and is a vital part of the success of any conference.  learn more

A strong network

Volunteers are instantly a part of a strong game development community, kickstarting their professional careers and forming friendships and bonds within the industry. Even outside of events volunteers continue to support each other in their endeavours.  learn more

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We may have created this website and other channels, but the real star are the volunteers themselves: people from all around the world who are so awesome that we felt the need to support them and advocate to the world that they are something special.

Dr. Jenn

Professor, scholar, and activist.

Irina Hasanow

Designer and advocate for diversity.